President’s Ruminations – April 2013

Here we are again, Spring… Warm air, flowers, leaves…… and kids, kids, lots of kids…… I know that many of you are already in the midst of kidding season… while here on the east coast, I’ve yet to start. I am at that point in time where I can’t wait for the first kids, yet dreading the start of the hectic weeks that will ensue… filled with too early mornings and way late night feedings.

Interest in the Guernsey goat continues to grow… with folks from all areas of the country contacting our breeders or joining the open ggoats list. We also have several commercial herds setting up, either to provide fluid milk or to make cheeses. I have one such right in my back yard, that is gearing up to do cheeses and Greek style yoghurt. There are also folks, new to breeding goats, although experienced in other livestock, who want to help develop Guernseys in the US, as a way to preserve the genetics of the Golden Guernsey goats.

It’s been an eventful several months for the GGBoA.. what with the first Virtual Show, which went quite well. The publicity from this show has stirred up even more interest amongst the goat world; and several other publications have subsequently printed articles about the Guernsey goat. I am told that plans are already in the works for an upcoming 2nd Virtual Show later this year. So get your cameras ready and take some good pics of your Guernseys, so you can enter too.

-Joan Stump

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