Breeders, please provide information for the GGBoA database!

The database committee is currently working on BGS data to put it in an ADGA-friendly format. We need your help to provide all the information ADGA needs.

If you have Guernseys of your breeding registered before BGS began adding color descriptions to the papers, we would greatly appreciate it if you would provide the following information about each animal:

  • A color description (e.g., medium gold; cream face)
  • Your ADGA herdname and membership number
  • The exact tattoos in your goats’ ears
  • Registration numbers on all ADGA foundation animals
  • Breed type or description of the cross (if the foundation animal was not ADGA registered)

Since we only have information on BGS animals registered up through HB 138, please send us the name, sire and dam, registration number, tattoo, description, and date of birth on any BGS animal registered within the past year. In addition to this information, we would appreciate any information you can give us about transfers, whether recorded with BGS or not.

Once we have finished processing BGS animals, we will begin to collect data on their non-BGS descendents.

Please email all information to Sara at

Thank you!

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