About Guernsey Goats

  • The Guernsey was developed in the US using genetics from the rare Golden Guernsey breed.
  • The Guernsey is a golden color, in all shades ranging from very pale flaxen cream to deep russet or bronze.
  • The Guernsey is the smallest of the standard sized dairy goat breeds.
  • The Guernsey disposition is docile. That, combined with their smaller size, make the Guernsey ideal for urban goat keeping or those with smaller acreage. These qualities also make the breed ideal for 4-H and other youth projects.
  • The Guernsey is an efficient producer for its size, making the breed desirable in a commercial dairy.

An average 24-hour yield of 3.16 kg at 3.72% butterfat and 2.81% protein was obtained by considering data from all Golden Guernsey/British Guernsey goats entered in B.G.S. recognized milking trials in a recent year (272 performances). Very few of the samples were from British Guernsey goats.

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