Vice President’s Ruminations – January 2015

It’s been a busy several months for many of our members and there’s been a lot going on with the group as well.

Joan generously wrote a short article on her attendance at the convention and included a picture on her table. Sara sent an update on her data base endeavor, Bailey Hale generously agreed to be our January-March featured farm, and we have the President position open.

I’ll start with the President position. We received one nomination and that nominee accepted. As she is the only one nominated, it seems a waste of the group’s funds to hold an election. I think we should go ahead and appoint Natasha Lovell the position of President for the remainder of Randy’s term. I’ve put the suggestion on our Facebook page to get feedback from the rest of you. If there are no objections she’ll be appointed.

I’d like to encourage all of you to get your registrations in as soon as you can this year so we can get an idea of the numbers by mid summer. We anticipate 2015 being the year we will finally be accepted into the ADGA. We will (hopefully) have the numbers we need. The database will be up and functioning, the constitution/ bylaws will be updated and available on our web site.

Our Facebook page is working well and we have activity on it most of the time. I encourage all of you to try and visit this page at least once a week and let us know what’s going on
with your goats. This keeps the page active so if someone visits it they can see we are
communicating. The website is nice looking and being kept up-to-date by Rebecca and she’s doing a wonderful job.

As I anticipate no problems appointing Natasha as our interim President, please take the time to welcome her to her new position and work with her to promote these wonderful goats.

Lastly. Thanks to those members who worked with me and provided positive guidance and
encouragement while I tried to function in an unanticipated role. I truly am grateful for your uncomplaining assistance and encouragement. Its very hard to be thrust into an office, trying to fill someone else’s shoes, and making mistakes while learning a new role is a constant worry. Thanks much to those who realized this and helped me adjust. You’re the best.

Mary Wilson
Vice President

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