Meet the Candidates

Candidates for President: 

Gloria Andrews

I am Gloria Andrews and I am a candidate for president of the GGBoA. I am almost 61 years old, have no attachments-other than my critters and a relative newbie to the dairy goat world, but I have learned so much in the past two years since I got my two Guernsey goats! The goats have brought much into my life –some major problems and tears, but they have taught me so much! Knowing the breed, the excitement with the ADGA acceptance, and seeing the possibilities for the future, there is much work to do and I would like to be there to help!

By profession, I am a small animal veterinarian. I have been practicing as a sole practitioner for almost thirty years in my own practice (15 years at Colbert Animal Hospital). I also help with a small animal rescue organization (Colbert Veterinary Rescue Services). I am a leader by doing. I love what I do and, especially with the Guernseys, they are such an awesome breed. I currently now have four –three does and a little buckling!
I believe in genetics, form and function. Testing is very important and although I had only one milking doe, she was enrolled in DHI just for my benefit to learn. Linear appraisal is an awesome program that everyone needs to take advantage of!

There is much to be done in our organization to promote this wonderful breed. I would like to be a part of that and I look forward to helping this organization work together towards that goal. In this day, we need each other and we need to be supportive and help each other. We must learn to be comrades and communicate well to achieve our goals. If we work together, anything is possible!

Candidates for Vice President

Michael Naumes

I am a candidate for Vice-President
Kathy and I have raised Nubians in Southern California for over 25 years. We decided that as we aged we wanted a smaller breed. About five years ago we purchased our foundation Guernseys. Last year we added an Alpine from a good milking line and an Obe that comes from a very fine show herd. We are on DHI test and want to focus on production but not ignore structure. I am excited to get to work helping the membership get valuable benefits from being members. I hope that we can all grow closer as partners as we develop our favorite breed.

Michael Naumes

Candidates for Secretary

Sara Dzimianski

I am Sara Dzimianski, candidate for GGBOA Secretary. My interest in Guernsey goats began in 2000 when I first began researching the breed and talking to Christine Ball to learn more about Guernsey goats. In fall 2007 I bred a Saanen doe to Swind Pan to produce Violetvale Pandora, my first SR doe. I have continued breeding Guernseys ever since, using my ADGA Saanen does as the foundation for Guernsey doe lines. I maintain a closed doe herd, which meant my breeding program could only progress as quickly as I could breed up, however it has helped develop consistent productivity and correct structure. I participate in the ADGA Linear Appraisal program with my Saanens, and plan to participate with the Guernseys as well once the herdbook is created.

In 2013 Then-President Randy House appointed me chair of the GGBOA Database Committee. From that point I began creating the GGBOA Guernsey Database, which now contains over 1300 animals, and developed the revised ADGA Breed Recognition Proposal which was approved by the ADGA Board of Directors in October 2015. In late 2016 I took over maintenance of the GGBOA website, and continue to improve and update the website. As chair of the Database Committee, I represent the GGBOA on the ADGA Information Management Committee and will be involved in the development of the ADGA herdbook.

As candidate for Secretary, I bring many things to the table including: breed experience, institutional knowledge, and ADGA knowledge. I also have a strong history of communication both within the GGOBA and with ADGA. The relationships I have built within the ADGA IM Committee and with ADGA leadership will serve the GGBOA well as we develop an ADGA herdbook.

Candidates for Treasurer

Joan Stump

I am Joan Stump, candidate for Treasurer. I got my first goats in 1983 and bred championship Alpines for twenty years, which were used as the foundation stock for my Guernsey herd. I entered the Guernsey program in 1997, with the import of the first semen shipment by Linda Campbell. I became totally involved when I arranged for the first purchase of a pure Golden Guernsey male from the Swind herd.. and subsequent purchases for myself and others around the country.

I have maintained a closed herd [other than occasional males purchased] since 1990. All kids are raised on strict pasturized protocols. The herd has been Certified and Accredited for TB and Bruc. since 1983. Stumphollo has been on the USDA Scrapie program since 1997 and is continuing to work at Export Status with that program.

I have been attending the ADGA Annual Meetings since 2003, promoting Guernsey goats to any and all that would listen. I was instrumental in founding the Guernsey Goat Breeders of America and served two terms as President. When I became Treasurer, I set up the Breed Club display table and started our successful Silent Auction fund raiser for the past 10 years. We now have a healthy balance and hope to be able to use it to benefit our membership.

Candidates for Member-at-Large

Beth Clappison

I am Beth Clappison and I am running for a member at large position. I have had dairy goats for about 10 years and have owned Alpines, Nubians and Saanens. I currently have Saanens, a few Nubians and am starting my Guernsey herd in north east Oklahoma. I am really excited about being a part of this breed and am enjoying the few Guernseys that I have. I am currently the Vice President of the National Saanen Breeders Association, am chair to a few of the volunteer positions through the NSBA and am also apart of the ADGA Genetic Advancement and Registration committees. I am looking forward to promoting and improving the breed in the United States and would love to have the opportunity to be one of your Members at Large.

Kristy Smith

Hello all! I am Kristy Smith and I’m running for Member-at-Large position. I have been raising goats since 1997. I attended Auburn University where I obtained my B.S. in Animal Sciences Production Management and minor in Agribusiness. I started out with African Pygmy goats and moved up to full-sized true Spanish goats. In 2014, my husband and I purchased 8 Guernsey does and, so far, we have been very impressed with the breed. All the livestock on our farm are endangered, heritage livestock that we are working to preserve. I have been involved with chartering each of their respective breed organizations, though I’ve never held a direct title. I have been a member of the Livestock Breeds Conservancy since 1996 (when it was the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, lol.) While at university, I was Vice President of my agricultural sorority and a charter member. Right now, I am an Environmental Educator Coordinator by day and a dairy farmer/hatchery by night. I look forward to the opportunity to be more involved with the breed and to help promote it and “grow” it as much as possible.

Mary Whiteside

I am Mary Whiteside, candidate for a member-at-large position. This city girl from CA had always wanted to be one to live a holisitc lifestyle which included raising goats for dairy products. I currently live in Kansas and began 14 years ago with Savanna and Boer goats (150 head) with some beautiful oberhasli. Approximately 10 years ago there was a strong desire to be a part of the British Guernsey breeding program, and that dream was realized 4 years ago. There have been great mentors during these caprine years, and the learning process has been hands-on. Currently, there are 2 main herdsires (GG SwindPeacock and BG2 KremBrulay Crispin) and 12 does – all British Guernseys. Maintaining integrity in breeding, especially as we enter into the new journey of ADGA members, is of utmost importance. The preservation of this amazing breed should be the GGBoA’s primary purpose. Many have gone before us and have worked tirelessly to keep the British Guernsey at the forefront of intention, and not money, cornering the market or ego. We must strive to assure proper breed-up practice, begin a more wide-spread practice of recording milk production, and continue our direction of British Guernsey conformation. I have a great appreciation for our BGS roots, and personally, will continue to register my herd through the BGS as well as the ADGA. It would be an honor to be a part of the administrative future for the American British Guernsey.


Christine De Garmo

Kimberly Ann Jackson 

Katie Morgan

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