Seeking Nominations

All Officer and Board of Director positions for the Guernsey Goat Breeders of America are up for election/reelection. Candidates must have an active GGBOA membership as of January 15, 2017. Nominations for the board will close on February 28. Anyone interested in serving on the board should email Mike Naumes or Katheryn Cook prior to the February 28 deadline.

Officer Positions

Vice President
Member at Large (3 positions)


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A Message from the President – September 2015

We are coming up on a historic event for our favorite breed—our second presentation of the Guernsey breed to ADGA at the ADGA convention in October. This happened due to the hard work of multiple people, and I would like to especially thank Sara Dzimianski who worked incredibly hard on the database to give us a very usable format that can also be used for future reference!

Make sure if you are in the company of ADGA members that you talk up your breed, explaining why ADGA needs to include yet another breed in their long line up! Show them the qualities of the breed and the number of goats already eligible for registration (I don’t think they will be another “Sable”, personally!)

I wish Diane Gray could be here to see the progress we have made! I think she would be pleased.

Natasha Lovell
GGBoA President

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Vice President’s Ruminations – January 2015

It’s been a busy several months for many of our members and there’s been a lot going on with the group as well.

Joan generously wrote a short article on her attendance at the convention and included a picture on her table. Sara sent an update on her data base endeavor, Bailey Hale generously agreed to be our January-March featured farm, and we have the President position open.

I’ll start with the President position. We received one nomination and that nominee accepted. As she is the only one nominated, it seems a waste of the group’s funds to hold an election. I think we should go ahead and appoint Natasha Lovell the position of President for the remainder of Randy’s term. I’ve put the suggestion on our Facebook page to get feedback from the rest of you. If there are no objections she’ll be appointed.

I’d like to encourage all of you to get your registrations in as soon as you can this year so we can get an idea of the numbers by mid summer. We anticipate 2015 being the year we will finally be accepted into the ADGA. We will (hopefully) have the numbers we need. The database will be up and functioning, the constitution/ bylaws will be updated and available on our web site.

Our Facebook page is working well and we have activity on it most of the time. I encourage all of you to try and visit this page at least once a week and let us know what’s going on
with your goats. This keeps the page active so if someone visits it they can see we are
communicating. The website is nice looking and being kept up-to-date by Rebecca and she’s doing a wonderful job.

As I anticipate no problems appointing Natasha as our interim President, please take the time to welcome her to her new position and work with her to promote these wonderful goats.

Lastly. Thanks to those members who worked with me and provided positive guidance and
encouragement while I tried to function in an unanticipated role. I truly am grateful for your uncomplaining assistance and encouragement. Its very hard to be thrust into an office, trying to fill someone else’s shoes, and making mistakes while learning a new role is a constant worry. Thanks much to those who realized this and helped me adjust. You’re the best.

Mary Wilson
Vice President

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Time to renew your GGBoA Membership

It is that time of year again. Time to renew your membership with the Guernsey Goat Breeders of America or join for the first time! The GGBoA is making great strides towards Guernsey recognition with the launch of the new database. Make sure you are part of the organization as we take this great step forward!

Joan Stump, treasurer will be collecting dues. Dues are $20 and may be sent via Paypal to Click on “gift” to make sure any charges are directed to you, not to Joan. You may also send a check or money order made out to: “Joan Stump for GGBOA” to

Joan Stump
750 Allentown Road
Telford, PA 18969

-Sara Dzimianski

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Database news!

Dear Guernsey Breeders,

The database is now up on All users will need to create a user name and password in order to access the pedigrees.

We would appreciate you looking at your own animals and checking for errors. There is still some missing information. We don’t have right ear tattoo information for most of the goats, and we also need the number of bucks and does in each birth. Feel free to ask questions if there are things in the database you don’t understand.

As part of the database effort, we’d like to include photos of as many listed goats as possible. If you have pictures of one or more of your listed goats, please send them my way and we’ll get them uploaded to the database.

Here are the details:

  • One photo of each listed goat only
  • Include the goat’s full name as part of the photo’s file name
  • Color photos only
  • Candid photos are fine, but a side view is best if you have one
  • Resize photos to no larger than 300 pixels wide (if you need help with this, let me know)
  • If you have pictures already on the internet somewhere that we can use, just let me know
  • Send photos via email to me (, or if you prefer to share them via Dropbox, send me your email address and I can share my Dropbox folder with you.

Thank you!

Sara Dzimianski
Chair, Database Committee

Rebecca Siegel
Database Committee

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President’s Ruminations – April 2014

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I’d like to wish everyone a happy spring. The year has already been very busy to date.

One key change already showing improvement over the previous process was to change our primary presence for GGBoA members to Facebook (you can join the Facebook group here). This has already set a new standard for communication as well as interaction among all members.

Thanks to the outstanding initiative from Bann Matson, GGBoA created its first breed club ad to be placed in the 2014 ADGA Membership Directory. The timeline was very aggressive: two days, from initial GGBoA communication through submission to ADGA. I would like to personally thank all members for their active participation in the creation of this ad.

We have appointed two committee chairpersons that will play key roles in the future development and promotion of GGBoA:

  • The first committee appointment was Bann Matson as Public Relations/Promotions Committee Chair. In this position, Bann and the committee will be responsible for all publication and communications on behalf of GGBoA. This appointment will ensure we establish consistency while promoting GGBoA.
  • Another appointment was Mary Wilson as Constitution Committee Chair. Mary and the committee will be responsible for revising the GGBoA constitution. The revision is needed to provide a stable functioning constitution by which all members shall serve.

The Database Committee has already submitted data to be loaded into the new Pedigree software. Changes to the default setup have proven to be challenging while creating a new Pedigree that is viewable with four generations from the internet. We continue to work with the software supplier to make the necessary changes.

It has truly been a pleasure to see all members working together for the common goal of promoting our wonderful breed. We continue to search for active volunteers to serve as committee members. If you would like to participate, please contact the chairperson directly.

In closing I would like to say “Thank You” to all members for embracing the changes that have already happened in 2014. We hope you agree we are making every attempt to develop a friendlier foundation for GGBoA through process change and communication.

Randy House, GGBoA President

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Vice President’s Ruminations – January 2014

I hope all of you had a great holiday season as we did at Half Creek Farm.

As you know we’re starting the year with big plans, one being our acceptance into the ADGA. You have all heard from Sara and know she needs your information on the animals you have in your herd. Sara is the chair of the database committee for the Guernsey Goat Breeders of America, and I think we all realize how important that database is to our acceptance in ADGA. Please send her the information she is requesting as soon as possible, and don’t forget to keep her up to date on kids you are adding to your herds with this year’s kidding.

We are exploring the development of several additional committees including a promotional committee and a committee to aid in recruiting new members. One of our promotional activities is the development of a seller’s packet. This includes a brochure from GGBoA and your personal farm brochure and business card, Info on how to join the BGS, a gift certificate for a one year membership in GGBoA (paid for by the seller), a transfer form for BGS transfers, a list of the benefits of joining, and an article with an explanation of the breeding up program. This comes in a white envelope with a GGBoA label on the front. This is of course not mandatory but if any of you would like more info, please feel free to contact me and I’ll help you assemble a packet. Our hope is that those given free membership for a year will choose to remain members after the first year.

Another project the promotional committee is working on is the development of a Guernsey goat calendar. We are currently short several pictures to complete this project so if any of you are able, please promptly send your photos as attachments in an email to and I will add them into this project. The calendars will be made available to members at cost when they are complete. Right now there is a special running with VistaPrint and we can purchase wall calendars for $5 each, so speed is important.

Please be aware that any feedback, ideas, etc., that you can offer are always appreciated. We are all trying for the same goal and working together will help make it happen.

Happy New Year,
Mary Wilson, Vice President

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Breeders, please provide information for the GGBoA database!

The database committee is currently working on BGS data to put it in an ADGA-friendly format. We need your help to provide all the information ADGA needs.

If you have Guernseys of your breeding registered before BGS began adding color descriptions to the papers, we would greatly appreciate it if you would provide the following information about each animal:

  • A color description (e.g., medium gold; cream face)
  • Your ADGA herdname and membership number
  • The exact tattoos in your goats’ ears
  • Registration numbers on all ADGA foundation animals
  • Breed type or description of the cross (if the foundation animal was not ADGA registered)

Since we only have information on BGS animals registered up through HB 138, please send us the name, sire and dam, registration number, tattoo, description, and date of birth on any BGS animal registered within the past year. In addition to this information, we would appreciate any information you can give us about transfers, whether recorded with BGS or not.

Once we have finished processing BGS animals, we will begin to collect data on their non-BGS descendents.

Please email all information to Sara at

Thank you!

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President’s Ruminations – October 2013

Autumn and breeding season is upon our doorstep. The leaves are turning red and gold… giving me thoughts of other golden things. It’s time to make the decisions of which buck to which doe, to produce the best offspring… who to keep and who to sell on to other breeders.

Indian summer has always been my favorite time of year, with it’s warm days and cool nights. Interestingly, it is the “boy’s” favorite time of year also. Labor Day is my annual signal to get the doe’s flushed for breeding and the bucks given extra nourishment in preparation for the “season”.

This year, autumn is also a time of farewell. It has been an honor to serve as president of the GBBoA for the past two terms. I want to thank everyone who has helped get the GGBoA up and running during that time. Now it is time for me to pass the baton on, although I shall continue to serve, as Treasurer.

Our GGBoA annual meeting will be held on Oct. 14th, at the ADGA Annual Meeting, being held in Asheville, NC. It is there that I will open our meeting for the last time and step down, as our new president, Randy House, takes over.

As a number of members are expected to attend the convention, I am hoping we can get together for a bit of socializing, aside from the meeting. I will be pleased to meet folks that I have been having communications with over the last several years.

-Joan Stump

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