A Message from the President – September 2015

We are coming up on a historic event for our favorite breed—our second presentation of the Guernsey breed to ADGA at the ADGA convention in October. This happened due to the hard work of multiple people, and I would like to especially thank Sara Dzimianski who worked incredibly hard on the database to give us a very usable format that can also be used for future reference!

Make sure if you are in the company of ADGA members that you talk up your breed, explaining why ADGA needs to include yet another breed in their long line up! Show them the qualities of the breed and the number of goats already eligible for registration (I don’t think they will be another “Sable”, personally!)

I wish Diane Gray could be here to see the progress we have made! I think she would be pleased.

Natasha Lovell
GGBoA President

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